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TeraBlock Joins UniFarm’s Cohort 12 Selection As A Top DeFi Project

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Numerous cryptocurrency projects attempt to combine multiple innovative technologies into more appealing products and services. TeraBlock, a provider of machine learning-driven cryptocurrency portfolio trade automation, is a powerful concept. The project has now gained support from UniFarm as it is included in this Cohort 12 venture.

UniFarm Cohort 12 Projects

The UniFarm team tends to create "cohorts’ of projects that will prove beneficial to holders of specific tokens; the project creates a lot of buzz. As a provider of staking services that require one native token to earn rewards in other crypto assets, it creates a direct connection between supported projects. The twelfth UnIFarm Cohort includes five projects: TeraBlock, Razor Network, StackOS, Unifarm, and Netvrk. A good collection of decentralized oracles, machine learning, virtual reality, decentralized cloud services, and a staking solution.

To participate in this UniFarm Cohort offering, users need to stake one of the supported tokens and automatically earn the other tokens accordingly. Current projects put the APY between 20% and 200%, which are guaranteed returns. Tokens will "accumulate" over time, although users will not farm them all at once. Every UniFarm Cohort has a schedule of how one will earn tokens by staking the supported assets.

As is a courtesy for this staking solution, there are no lock-in periods, and unstaking is possible at any time. The pool will remain active for 90 days, and all stakers will receive a guaranteed minimum APY of 36%, with a maximum of 250%. Of course, staking coins for a longer period will yield a much higher APY, but there are no specific requirements on that front.

A Big Boon For TeraBlock

As UnIFarm only selects the top DeFi projects to become part of its Cohort offering, the inclusion of TeraBlock is a pretty big deal. With its focus on streamlining the way people trade crypto assets with the help of machine learning, TeraBlock creates a convenient and accessible solution for everyone. Additionally, the platform offers built-in support for buying cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card. In doing so, TeraBlock provides an all-in-one solution to attract more people to the cryptocurrency industry.

By providing four pre-defined indexes for users to choose from, TeraBlock automates the most significant part of cryptocurrency trading. With several thousand projects to choose from, it can be challenging for novice and advanced users to find optimal markets to explore. However, leveraging machine learning technology to watch out for new market opportunities and automatically rebalance portfolios when needed provides investors with peace of mind.

As a complete cryptocurrency solution, TeraBlock is now getting more of the attention it deserves. Having the ability to farm the native TBC token passively – or use it for farming other prominent DeFi assets – creates an extra incentive to explore what this platform offers. Decentralized finance is all about creating seamless user experiences and highlighting the benefits of different projects. UniFarm’s Cohort 12 offers an eclectic mix of different projects, each of which can take decentralized finance mainstream.


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