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BONGWEEDCOIN – Growing DeFi Token – World Cannabis Legalization Movement

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World’s first cryptocurrency empowered Cannabis Legalization movement catered for those who are looking to support our purpose all while being providing incentives through yields. Bongweedcoin boasts powerful but balanced tokenomics to ensure project longevity while simultaneously generating passive income towards investors, we like to proudly call this our "puff-puff-passive tokenomics". Currently standing at 950,000$ Market-cap with 3200 holders worldwide, we cater everyone from the medical activists down to the casuals who share our community’s mission! For more details, visit our official website.

Built on the BSC; this DeFi-based cryptocurrency is the first of its kind, and with our activism efforts we will set apart this project from other 420 coins. We aim to change the face of the game here at BongWeedCoin. This project will help us reach a new era in the worldwide cannabis/crypto sector.

With our recent listing in COINMARKETCAP today, we have made a huge leap forward in gaining traction, from our 350,000$ marketcap prior to our current stand at 950,000$ marketcap and a massive growth from 1500 to 3200 holders in just a day! And we’re not stopping there, our goal of being stable at a 7 digit marketcap all while we keep on delivering more and more within these next few weeks are our top priority as of the moment. Like we always say in our community; We are getting high, to the moon! And we have never been so pumped up to keep pushing!

Bongweedcoin being a community driven coin, our track record strives and speaks with confidence, with a steady and clean organic growth complimented by consistent community engagement, constant roadmap updates and non-stop marketing efforts. Our community engagement is always being pushed forward by implementing strict transparency amongst our lineup of devs and moderators, along with rewarding engagement through constant contests (ranging from 300$ to 500$ giveaways). Roadmap updates on the other hand is also currently under simultaneous revisions and improvements taking in all spectrum of ideas that our community contributes that is in line with our purpose, from designing merch to developing bonds and partnerships with other organizations that supports the same cause. Marketing has been and will always be on top of our game, from community shills to precise but loud efforts, our marketing arsenal is growing as we move, from investing into ads to partnering with key influencers to speak our word to the world.

Our chart and overall progress can showcase this said strength and dedication towards this project, and we encourage you to have a quick glance at our Poocoin chart and see for yourself.

Our dedication in our activist movement stands close to our overall mission and vision, and we have a solid stand with solid reasons behind this, due to decades of propaganda and demonization of cannabis by the U.S. government, it is understandable for individuals of the general public to imagine that Marijuana is unsafe. However, as more studies are being done, it has been shown that many claims that were used to keep people off cannabis were either exaggerated instances or straight-up falsehoods. The general consensus that is held now is that regulated cannabis use holds greater value than simply allowing people to partake in legal consumption, it also helps lower the frequency of other nonviolent crimes. This means that legalization not only benefits the individual consumer, but also the general public through lessened crime and significant tax revenue. The popularity of cannabis will always draw people in – regardless of its legal status – and this can be dangerous as unregulated cannabis may be bunk, overpriced, tainted, or even fake – there have been instances where fake and synthetic cannabis products have led to people getting sick and even dying.

For almost the entire century the world began to put attention into the Marijuana Narrative, we started to witness all the benefits of Medical Marijuana, we are slowly starting to react to big pharmas campaigns against it, we witnessed how some states are starting to embrace and regulate both medical and recreational use of Marijuana, how the cannabis culture shaped our current pop-culture, how mistreatment of unregulated cannabis lead to bad publicity, how illegal states resorted to more illegal activities surrounding cannabis that caused more common misconceptions, how illegalization further promotes Alcohol abuse, how Alcohol abuse has brought nothing but deaths, violence, family toxicity, the list goes on. And lastly; How the world silently grieved from all the loss of life and violation of human rights with the ongoing war on drugs.

Achieving worldwide legalization seems like a shot to the moon, but that is without a doubt what cryptocurrency can do to empower activists like us, like you.



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