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Zort’s New Platform Launch Comes Powered by the Zort Coin

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The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

Zort’s new automated investing platform is about to go online, powered by the project’s cryptocurrency, Zort coin or ZORT.

The new trading environment will be very innovative as it will automatically use AI algorithms to perform trades on its users’ behalf.

Zort wants to allow every cryptonaut to profit in the cryptocurrency trade in an autonomous, safe way that is also exceedingly simple. The idea is that once you purchase a subscription on the website and upload your digital wallet data, you need to click a button, sit back, and wait for the system to trade for you.

But there is another ingredient in this recipe that gives it a unique flavor: the Zort coin. This is a cryptocurrency created by the Zort project, which has much in common with other well-known tokens.

You can buy it or sell it at will and profit from the trade (the central trading pair is with Ethereum). You can buy this token by just pointing your digital wallet to your favorite decentralized exchange, search for Zort, and swap as many Eth tokens as you’d like. Soon this trading pair will be listed in UniSwap and SushiSwap as well.

But ZORT has other features that make it stand apart from other cryptocurrencies. It’s the Zort platform’s utility token, so it’s the fuel behind the trading activity. If you are a ZORT holder within the environment, your trading fees will go down by half; holding the token yields an 8% annual earning with no lock that the system pays every month.

The advantages of holding ZORT are significant if you are looking to profit with your automated trade. Consider that the AI system will carry out many trading operations on your behalf, looking to maximize your profits. But every transaction has a fee, and in a very active session or period, many trades could hurt your capital because of the costs. In that context, knowing that you will pay only 50% of trade fees can give you peace of mind and convince you that you will arrive sooner to your goal.

The high degree of automation and simplicity Zort offers its customers is rarely available to individual traders. This kind of service is available in other, more traditional markets. Still, only to institutional traders and big investors, so, remarkably, Zort has decided to open up its platform to any user who wants to subscribe. It’s a big step in democratizing the cryptoverse.

If you look at Zort’s basic idea, you’ll find it’s a fantastic proposition. The system will welcome you into a notoriously erratic market, like the cryptocurrency market, in which making a profit is famously tricky. Zort removes all the friction, the difficulty, and the high risks involved in the crypto trade for you, and it turns it into a passive income investment.

You don’t need to be a technology expert nor a proven track record in Forex, the stock exchange commodities, or any of the other traditional markets from which new investors often come into the cryptosphere. In fact, you need no financial background at all. Zort has all the knowledge you need, and it does all the work for you. And it’s all made possible (or more profitable) because of the Zort Coin.


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