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How to be a better (and happier) boss

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Managing a team or division at work doesn’t come with a playbook of winning strategies that guarantee you’ll meet every assigned goal and keep your team happy and productive.

So much will depend on your team members’ experience, temperament and strengths, as well as your own — not to mention how everyone gets along with each other.Here’s how to handle common situations and dilemmas that can trip you up if you’re not careful.

    1. Bad at delegating? Here’s why and how to get better at it

      A big reason why some managers don’t delegate enough is that they are fearful. They worry they can’t trust someone else to do a task as well as or as quickly as they could. They worry their reputation will be harmed if the person to whom they delegate messes up. Or they feel threatened by a direct report’s talents. Here’s how to step back and delegate without losing control.Read More

      2. Dislike someone on your team? Avoiding them makes thing worse

      It’s your job as a leader to figure out how to motivate and manage everyone on your team, even those people you don’t really like. Being human, you’ll be tempted to either avoid them as much as possible or just pretend everything is fine. Both approaches will backfire. Try these strategies instead.

      3. Fellow manager ticking you off? Don’t let it infect your work

      Direct reports aren’t the only ones who can set you off. Having to work cooperatively with other managers is inevitable when every CEO wants to “break down silos” in a company. But when someone tries to big-foot you or just unintentionally undercuts your efforts, it’s hard to focus on “one for all, all for one” teamwork. Here’s how to handle the situation deftly.

      4. Made a big mistake? You may need to do damage control

      Mistakes are inevitable, and many are easily forgiven. But some missteps can put your reputation at risk, jeopardize your job or subject your employer to legal troubles. Setting things right will require a little more heavy lifting.

      5. Newly promoted to management? You’ll need to change some things about yourself

      Once you reach the top of your department or division, it’s time to rethink how you present yourself, better understand how others will perceive you and figure out what you need to do differently to succeed.

        6. Want to be the best boss? It’s deceptively simple, but not always easy

        If being a great boss is something you aspire to — or just secretly wonder if you are — check yourself against these five characteristics.


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